Colored Cotton Lint

A year or so ago someone asked me about growing colored cotton.  They claimed there were red and blue varieties that were designed to prevent color fading.  I didn’t quite believe what I was hearing, but I was proved wrong this week.  Below are some pictures of some colored cotton that was grown at the Clemson Pee Dee REC in Florence.  This first picture is some brown lint that has just been run through the gin.  This particular variety is just being grown in order to keep a fresh supply of seed in stock.


There are some varieties that have a red or green tint (below) but as you can see, its a fairly mild tint and not the deep red or blue I imagined when I first heard of colored lint.  This one is still a work in progress.  Breeding is still being done to try to make this variety more green.


You can see the variation of the colors in this handfull of lint from a variety that is still a work in progress.


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