Question of the Week

Last week the question was:  What are the little tan and red balls on this peanut plant?


These are the sclerotia of white mold, Sclerotium rolfsii.  Sclerotia are the survival structures that will fall off of the plant and can survive in the soil for several years until another peanut crop is planted.  This photo was taken in a field that was continuously planted in peanuts for several years.  Good rotational practices along with a strong fungicide program can successfully control whitemold in most situations.  For more information, take a look at the Disease Management section of the Clemson 2015 Peanut Production Handbook.,pdf/diseases15.pdf


Here is this week’s question:  What are these?


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One Response to Question of the Week

  1. Trish DeHond says:

    Stinkhorn fungi. Pwew!


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