Tobacco in the Greenhouse

Its that time of year when tobacco growers are seeding tobacco.  Since February 1 is the earliest recommended seeding date, most growers have already gotten started.  Here are some seedlings that have recently germinated.


In this picture you can see all the trays floating in a shallow pool of water.  The young plants are too small to be seen at this scale.


Here are a few tips for seeding tobacco in the greenhouse:


Following these steps will go a long way in making strong healthy tobacco transplants.  For more production info, take a look at the Clemson Tobacco Production Guide.

Hard copies of the new 2015 Tobacco Production Guide will be available at the GAP training at Woodhavens in Mullins on 2-17 at 10 am.

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One Response to Tobacco in the Greenhouse

  1. Trish DeHond says:

    I can see those tobacco seedlings have a lot of potential!


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