Winter Weather in the Pee Dee

Early Tuesday morning, sleet and a little snow made its way into the Pee Dee.  Very little accululated on the ground, though it was enough for schools, businesses and government agencies across the region to close early.  It has contiued to rain and tempuratures have remained near or below freezing since then, creating the potential for icy roads.  Wednesday the governor declared a state of emergency for 31 of South Carolina’s 46 counties because of another weather system that moved across the state Wednesday night that again was projected to bring ice and snow with it.  Fortunately, the most recent weather system spared the Pee Dee of the ice and snow.  The upstate took this one for the team.


A small amount of ice and snow settled on this wheat field in Dillon County. The ice shouldn’t be a problem for wheat as it is very tolerant of cold while still in the tillering stage.


This rapeseed saw a little snow and ice as well.  It too should not be affected much.


You may have noticed in the pictures above that the snow and ice were only covering the plants and areas where crop residue was covering the ground.  This is because the plants and crop residue are insulating the ice from the soil.  The soil is much more resistant to temperature fluctuations than the air, so while the air tempurature was in the high 20’s to low 30’s, the soil temp was still in the upper to mid 40’s.  Too cool to plant corn, but warm enough to melt ice.

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