Farming Innovation at Work

Lots of recent wet weather has made fields all over the Pee Dee soggy and difficult to work.  A large number of farmers have not been able to fertilize their wheat or apply burn down herbicides to get ready for planting for fear of getting a tractor stuck.  Dillon County farmers Carl and Caleb Coleman are creating a solution for these wet conditions.  They are creating a light weight sprayer to that can go where a full-sized sprayer may bog down.

IMG_20150311_101310_524 They have mounted tracks to a 4×4 Suzuki Mini Truck and have fitted it with a 150 gallon sprayer tank, home-made 30ft boom, and GPS guidance system.  This rig will also have variable rate application capabilities.  Here is Caleb standing next to their creation.  You can see one arm of the boom fully expanded.


The Colemans are making the final adjustments on their sprayer now and hope to have it applying fertilizer in wheat fields within a day or two.  Photos of the sprayer in action will follow soon.

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