Rapeseed in Full Bloom

Rapeseed is in full bloom now and setting lots of pods.  Here is a field Clemson Extension Agent Trish Dehond and I looked at this week in Dillon County.


Below you can see the young pods.  When they mature, we will harvest the seed inside the pods to process into industrial oils.  At the bottom of the photo, you can see a few empty stems where the flowers were aborted and no pods are being produced.


Here, Trish is pointing to a section on another stem where several flower buds were aborted.  This was likely caused by the cold snap we saw the last weekend in March.  Very hot and dry conditions can cause similar abortions later in the blooming stage.


Rapeseed provides great early season food for pollinators and other insects.  There was a wide variety of insects in this field including a number of species of bees, syrphid flies, beetles, butterflies, and moths.  The photo below shows a bee feeding on the rapeseed flowers.


White mold update:  Currently little white mold is being found.  Overall crop condition is good.

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