Wheat Pushing Out Heads

Wheat heads are emerging all over the Pee Dee.  Here’s a little update of whats going on in the fields.


Powdery mildew is still showing up in some areas on susceptible varieties.  The weather conditions have been perfect for it.  Here is a leaf that has a pretty good bit of powdery mildew on it.  We want to apply a fungicide when powdery reaches the leaf below the flag leaf.  Refer back to this post for more info.  Occurrences of other diseases have been low, however its a good idea to make a preventative fungicide application just before head emergence.


Cereal leaf beetles are showing up in some places.  These beetles are most damaging in their larval stage, as seen below.  We don’t want them causing a lot of damage to the flag leaf like the one below is doing.


Fields should be scouted regularly from now through dough stage to see whether cereal leaf beetles are causing any problems.  The treatment threshold recommended by Clemson is 1 larva on every other stem.  Insecticides labeled for cereal leaf beetle treatment can be found on page 17 of the Clemson Wheat Cheat Sheet.


The wheat in this field has already begun to flower.  Wheat is mostly self pollinated and pollination only occurs for a few days.  Hot, dry weather can harm pollination, though we haven’t had much of that in the last week, so we should be fine.  Overall this year’s wheat crop is looking pretty good.


For more production information, refer to the Clemson Wheat Cheat Sheet.

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