Cool and Wet Soils Affecting Crops

Tobacco-Coldinjury2 20150507_084337 Corn-Phosdef Corn-Magdef Corn-Magdef2     Each of the crops above had healthy root systems, and had no sign of threatening disease issues. The phosphorus and magnesium deficiency symptoms in corn and the stunted tobacco plants with necrotic spotting and burned leaf margins are all signs of the cool and wet season so far. Nutrient uptake is a an active process, not passive. The plant must be actively growing in order to grow an adequate root system for nutrient uptake. Soil temperatures are on the rise but it seems that each time they start to rise, the cold rain sets us back a little. The good news is that when I visit these same fields in a week or two, I shouldn’t be able to recognize them. By that time, hopefully we’ll have had 4 or 5 nights in a row that were above sixty degrees and their roots will have finally grown enough to find the fertilizer.

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