Cotton and Peanut Planting In Full Swing

Growers were delayed for a while with rain and cool soil temps, but now the sky has cleared (for a little while at least) and the soil has warmed up allowing planting to get into full swing.  Soil temps dropped below 60 for a few days two weeks ago, but rose quickly once the sun came back out.  A few growers jumped the gun and planted cotton while the soil was still cool, but the plants seem to be doing fine now.  Here are some cotton seedlings that are just starting to come up.


Some of the growers that started early will be finished planting peanuts and cotton within the next week, while other growers will probably be planting into June.  Some soybeans have started going in the ground also.  Here are some seedlings in a field that was planted this past weekend.


The soil is getting dry now in some places and the rain expected this weekend will do us some good.

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