Japanese Beetles on Corn

Japanese beetles have been turning up on corn around the state.  This isn’t something we see very often and it usually isn’t too concerning.  In the photos below, the beetles are feeding on the leaves.  Occasionally, Japanese beetles can cause damage to the silks which will harm pollination; however, the field pictured below is about 2 weeks away from tasseling, so there are no silks present yet.

IMG_20150602_143039_294 IMG_20150602_143114_470 IMG_20150602_142726_761

Insecticide treatment for Japanese beetles is rarely necessary.  Clemson entomologist Francis Reay Jones says leaf feeding alone is not a concern unless you have large amounts of feeding damage.  David Buntin from UGA uses the following threshold for corn that is silking:  Most ears are infested AND silks are being clipped to within ½ inch of the ear tip.   The field pictured above will not need to be treated and I would be surprised to see a field that does.  Keep scouting and stay on the lookout.

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