Question of the Week: Praying Mantids

Last week the question was:  What are these?


These are immature praying mantids that have just hatched out of their ootheca (egg mass).  Praying mantids are beneficial insects and are valued as great predators of a large number of other insects.  They are such good predators that they have even been known to cannibalize each other when no other prey is around.  Mantids are commercially available as a means of biological pest control from a number of suppliers.  For more info on mantids, take a look at this National Geographic page.


Here is this week’s question:  What is wrong with this tomato?


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2 Responses to Question of the Week: Praying Mantids

  1. Miller says:

    It appears to have a virus! Seek medical attention


    • Mark Pullen says:

      Sweet potato whitefly causes similar damage. This damage could be confused with tomato bushy stunt virus. This is probably Tomato spotted wilt virus.


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