Peanut Digging Under Way

The diggers are rolling across fields in the Pee Dee now.  No reports yet of picking, though if the weather stays nice, it probably won’t be long.  Here’s a field that was dug this week in Dillon County.



4 row digger.

4 row digger.

We’ve seen late leaf spot hit some fields pretty hard now that the weather has turned humid.  This has caused some defoliation, but it came late, so some fields won’t see much of an affect from it.  Fields that still have a while before they’re mature could be harmed.


Lesser cornstalk borer (LCB) damage has been found in a number of fields.  We’re seeing damage more on the edges of sandy fields where stress has occurred.  LCB thrive in hot, dry weather and can usually be kept in check by rain or irrigation.  LCB can create damage making it easier for Aspergillis (causal agent of aflatoxin) to colonize the peanuts.  Luckily, very little Aspergillis has been observed thus far.

LCB feeding damage.

LCB feeding damage.

Before digging, please remember the maturity of each field should be checked individually.  Maturity can vary greatly depending on variety, soil type, amount of moisture recieved during the season, etc.  Yield and/or grade can be lost if digging occurs too early or too late.  If you need help determining the maturity of your fields, contact you local Clemson Extension agent.

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