Question of the Week: Parasitic Wasp

Last week the question was:  What happened to this tobacco hornworm?


This hornworm has fallen victim to Braconid wasps.  The white things on its back are pupae of the parasitic wasps.  Eggs were oviposited onto the back of the hornworm just under the cuticle by adult female wasps.  The wasp larvae develop, they eat the hornworm while it is still alive before pupating in the white cocoons on the its back.  There are hundreds of species of parasitic wasps that parasitize various species of insects including, caterpillars, aphids, beetle larvae, and others.  For more information on Braconid wasps, take a look at this Texas A&M page.


Here is this week’s question:  What are these insects found in a soybean field?


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