Strawberry Growers Prepping Their Fields

Strawberry growers are putting the finishing touches on their fields now in preparation for planting season.  Here is a field in Marion County that has already had the plastic put down with drip tape and fumigant underneath.


In the photo below you can see rye seedings in the row middles.  This helps keep the soil in the row middles from eroding in heavy rains and gives workers a surface to walk on while planting, scouting, and picking strawberries later in the season.


Ideal planting time in the midlands and upper coastal plain is mid October (around the 20th).  In the lower coastal plane a little later (around the 25th) is good.  Being timely with planting is important as being late can cost yield and/or marketing opportunities for early berries.

Growers are encouraged to look over the recommended planting and post planting procedures in the Southeast Regional Strawberry Plasticulture Production Guide and call local agents with questions.  All strawberry IPM and productions guides from the Southeast can be found on the Southern Regional Small Fruits Consortium website at

Clemson Extension agents covering strawberries in SC:

  • Coastal:  Zack Snipes 843-722-5940 (O)
  • Pee Dee:  Tony Melton 843-661-4800 (O) and Justin Ballew 843-423-8285 (O)
  • Midlands:  Powell Smith 803-359-8515 (O)
  • Upstate:  Andy Rollins 864-596-2993 (O)
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