Clemson Flood Recovery Resources

Here are some flood recovery resources compiled by Clemson.  All the links below and other publications and info can be found on the Flood Disaster Resources page on Clemson’s website.

Disaster Assessment Forms and Factsheets  The first two pages of this pdf file are the FSA ESF 17 form.  Growers with flood and weather related damage are encouraged to fill out this form and email it to the address listed on the bottom of the second page.

Food Safety Risks Associated with Flood Conditions

Crop Insurance Policy

Disaster Recovery Topics

Also, there will be a Farmer Flood Forum in Manning on November 12 to discuss damage.  Below is a description of the event.

Meeting: Farmer Flood Forum

Location: Weldon Auditorium

7 Maple Street, Manning, SC 29102

Date: November 12, 2015

Time: 7:00pm


This will give you an opportunity to hear first hand the farmers stories and an opportunity to respond. There will also be other agencies invited such as SCDA, NRCS, FSA  along with many others.  Currently these staffers have agreed to attend:  Lindsey Graham Office(two staffers from Florence and Rhodes from Columbia ), Jim Clyburn Office(no response yet- Kenneth Barnes), Tim Scott Office(Andrew Jordan), Tom Rice Office(John Sweeney), Nikki Haley Office(Kevin Schwedo).

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