Wheat Up and Growing

The way the weather has been so far this fall, there have been a lot of prevented planting claims for wheat, so our wheat acres will be reduced a significant amount this year.  There were a few fields around that dried out enough for growers to plant and they are doing well so far.


The field above was no-till drilled into cotton stalks.  The seedlings are looking good.


Dew on wheat seedlings.

Here is a field below that is a little older.  This one was conventionally tilled and drilled behind corn.


These plants have a few true leaves on them now.


We’ve seen some aphids on oats, though wheat seed treatments usually keep them from causing damage on wheat this early in the season.  We’ll keep an eye on them, though.  Hopefully the weather will stay just dry enough not to drown or stress any fields.  Wheat does not do well in soggy conditions.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the 2015-2016 version of the Clemson Wheat Cheat Sheet, you can view and download that here:  Wheat_CHEAT_sheet_2015-16

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