Transform Active Ingredient Cancelled by EPA

The EPA has issued a final cancellation for the active ingredient in Transform, sulfoxaflor.  Previously, we had a section 18 label allowing the use of Transform to control sugarcane aphids in sorghum.  Now that this option is gone, the only remaining option for the time being is Sivanto (Flupyradifurone). Existing stocks of Transform may still be used by growers according to the label.

Here is the summary of the cancellation order:

“This notice announces the Agency’s issuance of a final cancellation order for all pesticide products containing the active ingredient sulfoxaflor pursuant to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), 7 U.S.C. sections 136-136y. This order includes provisions for the disposition of existing stocks of sulfoxaflor products that have been released for shipment prior to today’s date. Under the provisions of this final cancellation order, as of today’s date, it is unlawful for the registrant to sell or distribute these products except for the purposes of proper disposal or lawful export. Sale or distribution of sulfoxaflor products already in the possession of persons other than the registrant may only be distributed to facilitate return to the manufacturer or for proper disposal or lawful export. Use of existing stocks by end users is permitted provided such use is consistent in all respects with the previously-approved labeling for the product.”

The full cancellation order may be viewed here:  final_cancellation_order-sulfoxaflor

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