Tobacco Seeding

It’s the first week of February so tobacco growers in the Pee Dee have been working on filling and seeding their float trays.  Here is a greenhouse full of float trays in Marion County.


In the photo below you can see a single seed in each cell.  Its important to make sure your seeder is dropping only one seed per cell, then be gentle when floating the trays so the seeds won’t dislodge and move into adjacent cells.


Make sure the floor temperature stays between 68 and 70 degrees so the seeds can germinate properly.  Keep the thermometer on the floor as the air temp at eye level can be drastically different.  Once germination is complete, the temperature can be lowered to 50 degrees.  If you look closely, you can see a crack in the seed coats below where the seed is trying to germinate.


Be sure to follow the recommended fertility programs for float beds so your seedlings will grow properly.  The table below shows the proper rates of fertilizer to use with each program.


For this table and more information on growing tobacco, take a look a the South Carolina Tobacco Growers Guide.

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