Crop Update – 4/29/16

There is a lot going on in the fields keeping everyone busy, so here is a quick update of what’s happening.

Wheat:  Pretty much all of our wheat has headed out and a good bit of it is in the flowering stage.  Leaf rust came in hard and has been observed in most fields to some degree.  In a lot of cases, growers had to apply preventative fungicides earlier than usual in order to protect yield.  Some fields will end up requiring two applications by the time the crop is made.  Luckily, we’ve seen no signs of Fusarium head scab yet.


Wheat heads in the flowering stage.


Head damaged by the late frost.

This won’t be the best wheat crop we’ve ever seen due to the unusual weather we saw this past winter.  The rust hasn’t helped either.

Rapeseed:  We’ve had an easy disease year for rapeseed.  Sclerotinia white mold has been mostly absent this year.  Bloom is starting to wind down now and the plants are filling pods.


The last several blooms on the flower heads are aborting.  Some of this could be from frost injury, but its hard to tell since bloom is finishing up.  Regardless of the odd winter, we have a pretty decent looking crop.

Corn:  We have a ton of corn planted this year.  Some of the oldest is at around V6-V8 now.  Young corn that had some cold injury grew out of it well.  It’s hard to tell anything ever happened.  Everything looks pretty good so far.  Herbicides and fertilizer will be going out soon.


V4/V5 corn that was frost injured at the V1 stage.  It grew out of the damage well.

Cotton, Peanuts, Soybeans:  Some cotton, peanuts, and soybeans have already been planted.  We’ll be seeing those come up pretty soon.  The soil temp was 80 degrees at 4″ yesterday (4/28) at 3 pm in Dillon where some peanuts had just gone into the ground.  Given a little moisture, they will be up pretty quickly.


There are going to be a lot of early planted Group 5 beans this year because so many people made prevented planting claims on wheat.  That worked out pretty well since the availability of group 6 and 7 beans looks to be tight.


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