Cotton, Peanuts, Soybeans Up and Growing

Growers did a lot of planting last week and they’re still going full steam ahead this week.  Here are some pictures of what has come up over the several days.

Peanuts:  Already seeing some thrips pressure.  Hopefully everyone used either Thimet or Admire Pro in-furrow to hold down the damage as much as possible.



Soybeans:  We have a lot of MG 5’s this year.  Deer are probably our biggest threat to seedlings at the moment.



Cotton:  Already seeing some thrips pressure in cotton as well.  According to Clemson Entomologist, Jeremy Greene, last year, we saw the peak of thrips pressure from late May to early June.  Cotton planted in early May saw the highest amounts of feeding injury as opposed to cotton planted in late April or June.  He will be looking to see if this trend holds true this year.  Here is Dr. Greene’s latest newsletter:  Newsletter #1 (6 May 2016).



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