Winter Crops Maturing

We’re coming to the end of the season for our rapeseed and wheat crops.  The photo below shows a rapeseed field that is finished blooming.  The pods are maturing and it won’t be very long before harvest.



All of a sudden some  disease is starting to pop up.  Sclerotinia white mold is showing up, but hopefully its too late for it to cause any significant damage.  Either the weather wasn’t right for disease development until just now or our preventative fungicides were suppressing it.


Plant killed by Scletotinia.

Sclerotinia  develops on the stem of the plants and causes a girdling effect that kills the whole plant.  Sclerotia form as the disease develops and fall into the soil where they will stay until a susceptible crop and proper weather conditions return.  This could be several years.



Sclerotia (black bead looking things) developing on the stem.

Nothing we can do about it now except hope the weather stays warm and dry until harvest.  That will help slow the spread and development of Sclerotinia.

Here is some wheat that is in the dough stage and is starting to dry down.



A wheat grain in the dough stage.

We’re seeing a little disease show up in the wheat as well.  A small amount of Fusarium head scab is scattered around.  Thankfully, its no where near as widespread as last season. Growers did a better job this year of using head scab resistant varieties.  Several fields have some heads that are completely bleached and those are probably from a root or crown rot.  Not much we can do about that.


Partially bleached head from head scab.

It won’t be long before we see the combines out in the fields.  Let’s hope we have nice harvest weather so we don’t have to leave anything in the fields like this past fall.

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