Peanuts Growing Fast

Peanuts are growing well right now.  The rain we got earlier this week was a welcome sight.  We were getting dry in places.  Here are some peanuts that came up less than two weeks ago.


Thrips are present and some damage is evident, but the plants don’t seem stunted.  Thimet and Admire Pro do a good job of protecting the plants, but scouting is still necessary.  If your in-furrow treatment fails to prevent stunting for whatever reason, a foliar application of Orthene should be made immediately.  Those using Admire Pro in-furrow may see higher levels of TSWV.


Thrips feeding damage.

Whenever Thimet is used in-furrow, we usually see some burn here and there, but its nothing to be concerned about.  It’s just superficial and the plants grow out of it quickly.


Thimet burn.

According to the Peanut Growth Stages table on page 19 of the 2016 Peanut Money Maker Guide, bloom usually begins around 35 days after planting.  About that time growers will be spreading gypsum so there will be plenty of calcium in the root zone during pegging.  1500 lbs of gypsum at bloom is recommended for all Virginia type peanuts, seed peanuts, and runners with soil tests of less than 400 lbs/A of Ca.

Peanut Money-Maker Production Guide 2016

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