Sugarcane Aphids Found in SC – 6/9/16

According to Clemson Entomologist Francis Reay-Jones, sugarcane aphids were found in Allendale County (6/9/16) on johnsongrass, in Calhoun County (6/10/16) on sorghum, and in Orangeburg County (6/10/16) on johnsongrass.  Dr. Reay-Jones says this is about the same time they showed up last year.


Sugarcane aphids on sorghum leaf.

Anyone growing sorghum needs to be scouting regularly.  Infestations spread throughout the state quickly last year and can take over a field in a matter of days.  Use the threshold of 50-125 or more aphids per leaf when making spray decisions.  Dr. Reay-Jones is currently working to tweak this threshold for our area.  Sivanto and Transform are the two insecticides we have to control sugarcane aphids.  Contact your local Clemson Extension Agent for more info or for help scouting.

For more information on sugarcane aphids, look at this fact sheet by Francis Reay-Jones and Jeremy Greene:  sugarcane_aphid_pest_alert

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