Corn Getting Thirsty

Pollination is pretty much finished now and we are mostly in the “blister” (R2) stage.  Our corn hasn’t hurt for water much this season, but its hurting now in a lot of places.  There’s a chance of rain over the weekend and we really need it.


Water stressed corn.

Luckily, this heat we are seeing now didn’t overlap much with pollination or we would have seen some pollination issues.  One thing that is good about this hot, dry weather is the disease pressure.  Hot, dry conditions tend to suppress disease.  Northern corn leaf blight is not very widespread and Southern rust still has not yet been reported in SC.  We’re getting off easy so far this year.

We had been seeing a lot of stink bugs and a lot of pyrethroids were put out in the last week to treat them.  That seems to have knocked them back pretty well; they’ve been much harder to find the last few days.


Until we get to the Milk stage (R3), extreme weather conditions can still cause kernel abortions, so pray we get some rain this weekend.

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