Oldest Cotton Blooming

We have blooms in our oldest cotton fields.  Our cotton has been growing well all season and our square retention has been excellent, but its getting a little dry now in spots and some leaves are starting to wilt.  Rain would be a welcome sight.


First day bloom at the bottom of the plant.


Third day bloom.

So far, insects haven’t been much of a problem.  We’ve seen a few aphids, but there are a lot of natural enemies out there too.  The aphid fungus, Neozygites, has been showing up around South Georgia, so it may show up here soon.  Spidermites haven’t been a problem, but it is getting a little dryer now and they love that, so keep an eye out for those.


Bronzing from spidermite damage.

Once our bolls start to develop, we need to start scouting for stinkbugs.  They have been pretty bad on corn this year, so we may see a bunch in cotton too.  Small bolls, like the one pictured below may be aborted by stinkbug damage and older bowls will have stained lint and may not fluff.


Tiny boll that the flower petals recently fell off of.

Here are the thresholds for stinkbugs.  Keep up with your week of bloom for each field so you’ll know which threshold to use.

stinkbug thresholds

If treatment is needed, labeled pesticides and their rates can be found here on page 108.

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