Start Scouting for Caterpillars in Soybeans

We have a lot of soybeans blooming now and things have been pretty quiet on the insect front so far this year.  In his latest Cotton/Soybean Insect Newsletter, Clemson entomologist Jeremy Greene cautions that caterpillars will be here soon.  A few green cloverworms are already showing up in the sweep nets.  Now is the time to be scouting.


Green Cloverworm

Here is a graphic from Dr. Greene showing how to identify most of the caterpillars you’ll find in your net.


Make sure you know which caterpillars you’re looking at before making treatment decisions, as each caterpillar has different thresholds and sometimes different treatments.  Here are those thresholds below.

Sweep thresholds

Be sure to check at least 2 separate areas of the field and sample each area twice.  If you can not make a clear decision whether or not to make a treatment after that, check an additional area or two.  If fields are found to be over threshold, labeled insecticides and there rates can be found in the Soybean Insect Control section of the SC Pest Management Handbook.  Additional scouting information and thresholds can be found there as well.

Here is the link to Dr. Greene’s newsletters:  Cotton and Soybean Insect Newsletter.


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