Pee Dee Region Upgraded to Incipient Drought Status

Rain has not come quite as regularly in the Pee Dee as it had been earlier in the summer.  As a result, the SC Drought Response Committee has decided to upgrade the drought status to “incipient” for Kershaw, Chesterfield, Marlboro, Darlington, Lee, Florence, Dillon, Marion, Williamsburg, Georgetown and Horry Counties.


Cotton wilting from our recent dry spell.

The Pee Dee region has had a much easier summer than other parts of the state, but it seems we are not escaping the dog days of summer completely.  In the last two weeks we’ve seen a number of cotton and soybean fields showing signs of water stress.  Cotton has started shedding squares and smaller bolls in response to the hot, dry weather.

The Pee Dee joins most of the state in the incipient stage of drought and there are now 7 counties in the moderate stage (the second stage).


You can read the Drought Status Press Release in it’s entirety here:  DroughtStatusPressRelease_Aug1716

There is some rain in the forecast over the weekend.  Let’s hope we get enough to perk up our fields for a while.

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