Question of the Week: Corn Earworm

Last week the question was:  Which caterpillar is feeding on this soybean leaf?


This is a corn earworm.  The distinguishing features include 4 pairs of abdominal prolegs, black spots, and fine hairs all over the body.  Identification can be tricky, though, because corn earworms look exactly like tobacco budworms.  The only way to tell the difference is by looking at their mouthparts under a microscope.  The adults are much easier to tell apart.  take a look at Clemson Entomologist Jeremy Greene’s latest Cotton and Soybean Insect Newsletter for more information.  There’s a great graphic on the 4th page showing how to identify caterpillars.


Here is this week’s question:  Why is the larger grasshopper giving a piggyback ride to the smaller one?


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