The New 5000 lb Peanut Club

From Clemson Peanut Specialist Dan Anco.

This year we’re having a 5000 pound club (not a big club sandwich…) for growers. SC growers that produce an average of at least 5000 lb/A (dry weight) over their entire acreage will have the option of being recognized for their high production.

We will be looking for production amounts at or above this level only (for our purposes here, 5000 lb/A will be regarded as the same as 6348 lb/A, and these actual amounts will not be publicly mentioned). There will not be a cash or material prize associated with the club, but growers producing amounts over 5000 pounds will have the option of being recognized by having their name printed in the program for the 2017 SC Peanut Growers’ Meeting. Club members will receive a certificate for their achievement, and depending on the number of club members there may be an additional surprise bonus!!

Production amounts and total acreage will need to be certified by your local Extension agent. For this we can use summaries from the buying point showing dry production totals from all farms as well as an acreage report from FSA showing the total peanut acreage. Agents can then contact Marianne Copelan or myself with their area growers for the club. The target deadline this year for the club will be December 1, 2016.

Registration form:  5000-lb-club-form-and-questionnaire

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