Cotton Defoliation

Nothing makes me think of fall like the smell of cotton defoliant in the air.  That smell has is becoming more and more common across the Pee Dee as September wraps up.  Here is a field in Dillon County that was sprayed earlier this week.


Most of last week was cloudy and drizzly and ended up keeping the fields wet for a prolonged period of time.  Reminiscent of the 2015 season, a few fields have some sprouted seeds from the lint staying wet for so long.  Hopefully we’ll get plenty of sunlight to finish out the season.


Lint stayed wet for several days causing some seeds to sprout.

Clemson Cotton Specialist Mike Jones has two methods for determining when to defoliate in the SC Cotton Production Guide.  For best results, both methods should be used.  Here is the description of both methods.


Defoliation and harvest aid chemicals can be found pages 83-86 of the Cotton Production Guide.  If we keep having warm weather and regular rains, there will be a high potential for regrowth, so timely harvest after defoliation will be important.


Defoliated field that’s ready to pick.

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