Fall Harvest 2016

Since Hurricane Matthew passed by earlier this month, we’ve had great harvesting weather.  Lots of folks are in the fields harvesting cotton, soybeans, and peanuts at full steam ahead.  Here’s a cotton field in Dillon County that’s right in the middle of being picked.


We had a little bit of cotton blow out during the storm, but nothing like last year.  The great weather we’ve had since the storm has kept seed from sprouting like we saw after the 2015 flood.  We’ve seen a little bit of quality damage on soybeans in some areas as a result of the hurricane, however overall yield reports have been good.  Peanuts were late being dug in a few cases, but overall they’re looking decent too.


Nichols in Marion County was one of the worst affected areas in SC from the hurricane.  Southeastern Grain in Nichols was just one of many businesses and individuals that experienced flood damage.  Since a large portion of their corn is stored in a pile at ground level, a lot of corn got wet.


Southeastern Grain corn pile.  Nichols, SC

A lot of corn at the bottom of the pile stayed wet for several days is now moldy, rotten, and some has sprouted.  Water came up high enough to seep into the bottom of some of their bins also.


Moldy corn that got wet in storage during Hurricane Matthew.

The moldy corn is no good for human or animal consumption, so their only option is to separate as much of the bad from the good as possible and throw out the bad.  It’s a shame that some of the great corn crop we had this year came to this.


Moldy corn that is unusable.

Growers are making preparations to plant wheat and rapeseed now and some rapeseed has already gone into the ground.  No down time for the SC farmer.

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