Rapeseed Hit or Miss

A few hundred acres of rapeseed was planted before Hurricane Matthew.  The stands are hit or miss depending on how the fields were affected by the storm.  In areas where the plants came up, the plants are growing quickly and looking good.  The warm weather has really made them come out of the ground and grow fast.


Some fields were flooded briefly and this caused a lot crop residue to float away and collect in low areas.  This smothered the small seedlings in areas where the residue collected.


We have a lot of skips in some spots too.  This may have been from the heavy rain beating on the plants, the heavy wind sweeping across the ground, or the ground hardening after the storm.  It looks like our rapeseed acreage is going to be down slightly this year.  Some of our fields have already taken a beating, so overall we’re off to a rough start.  Here’s a field below that was looking pretty good this week.


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