Wheat Planting

Wheat planting is well underway in the Pee Dee.  Since the weather has been clear this fall, we expect to see a significant increase in acreage over last year.  Here is a field in Dillon that has recently been planted.


It’s hard to see in the photo above, but the plants are already coming up.  Take a look at the seedlings below.


It’s very dry and dusty out in the fields right now.  We haven’t gotten a drop of rain since Hurricane Matthew came through on Oct. 8.  Regardless, with the exception of a few bare spots, the plants are coming up surprisingly well.  Hopefully, we’ll get some rain in the forecast soon.


Young wheat in Dillon County.

Last year we saw just about every problem imaginable.  Most folks weren’t even able to plant because of the wet weather and the few that did were hit with leaf rust, hessian flies, dryland foot rot, and a small amount of head scab.  Stripe rust was even found in several parts of Eastern North Carolina.  Selecting the right variety goes a long way in combating most of these.  Good management decisions will make up for the rest.


A field of rye coming up well.

Here is a PDF copy of the latest Clemson Wheat Cheat Sheet if you haven’t already seen it:  cheat_16-17.  If you would like help this year with scouting or making management decisions, please contact your local Clemson Extension agent.


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