ESO Peas Blooming

The warm weather has really made the ESO peas explode.  They are really blooming now and most have grown over a foot in the last couple of weeks.


Its getting difficult to walk in the pea fields as they grow taller.  The tendrils interlock as neighboring plants use each other for support to “stand up”.  Here are a couple of pods forming on a plant in a younger field.


A few fields saw a little damage from the hard freeze we had last month, though it’s very difficult to tell anything ever happened now.  The plants have kicked into overdrive and have grown out of the damage well.  The photo below shows a field that was burned in some spots.  Its loaded with blooms and pods now.


There isn’t much disease to speak of now, however there are a few aphids around.  The numbers are low, and there seem to be lots of lady bugs and parasitic wasps present, so think carefully before treating.


Aphids on a developing pod.


Aphid mummy (parasitized by a wasp) on a leaf.

We’re less than a month away from harvest now and it’s looking like we have a pretty good crop.  Check back later for a harvest update.

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