Good Spray Day or Bad Spray Day: Part 2

Thursday afternoon was pretty breezy, so I pulled out the wind meter to get an idea for exactly what the wind speed was.  The average as shown below was about 9.4 mph.


At times the wind was gusting up to 13-14 mph.


According to the new auxin herbicides we will have this season, was this a good day or a bad day to spray?

Enlist Duo:  0-15 mph

XtendiMax:  3-10 mph

Engenia:  0-15 mph, if spraying in less than 3 mph, steps need to be taken to make sure there is no inversion.

The Xtendimax label says 3-10 mph, so with the wind gusting up to 14 mph, spraying would be off label.  Enlist Duo and Engenia both allow spraying in wind speeds up to 15 mph, so spraying with a 9 mph wind with 14 mph gusts is allowed.  Even though spraying in this wind is allowed, it probably wouldn’t be the wisest decision. 14 mph is a pretty stout wind.  While you’re making the decision whether or not to spray, just keep in mind these labels clearly state the applicator is solely responsible for controlling drift.

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