Spring Harvest Update

We’ve had good harvesting weather this week and growers are busy taking advantage of it.  We’ve had a lot of peas, wheat, and oats harvested.  Yields have been variable so far.  ESO peas are averaging around 35-40 bushels with the highest reported yields in the high 60’s.  Wheat is ranging anywhere from the 20’s to upper 70’s.  The cold snap we got in March really hurt in some areas.  Here are some photos of the harvest.


Harvesting ESO peas in Dillon.  Around 3000 acres were planted in the Pee Dee this year.



The freeze in March hurt the ESO peas some as well.  We saw some fields that had a lot of plants burned back to the ground right before bloom.  Powdery mildew came in late in some areas and may have had some affect also.  Overall, growers are still pleased with yields.


Wheat being harvested in Dillon.


View from the cab.


Some folks aren’t messing around getting their soybeans planted.  Earlier this week I saw a field with a combine on one end and a planter coming right behind it a few rows over.

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