Cotton Squaring

We’ve had plenty of rain and warm weather over the past week and our fields are growing fast.  Some of our older cotton is squaring now.


Match-head square

Water availability becomes a little more important to the plants now that the reproductive structures are being developed.  Hopefully we will continue to get regular rainfall.


This is the time when we want to apply the remainder of our nitrogen.  Clemson Cotton Specialist Mike Jones recommends 70 total lbs of N per acre in dryland fields and 100 total lbs in irrigated fields.  We need to side dress now so the plant has plenty of N during bloom.


Cotton square.

Insect pressure has been low lately.  Clemson Entomologist Jeremy Greene cautions growers in his latest Cotton/Soybean Insect Newsletter to be scouting for tarnished plant bugs (TPB).  TPBs can cause squares to abort, so if we are seeing 25% square abortion and TPBs are present, treatment may be needed.  You can also use the threshold of eight or more plant bugs per 100 sweeps with a sweep net.  Take a look at Dr. Greene’s newsletter here for more info:  Newsletter #8 (22 June 2017)

2017 SC Cotton Growers Guide.

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