Sugarcane Aphids Found in SC – 2017

For those growing grain sorghum, be aware that sugarcane aphids have recently been found in SC.  They are not known to overwinter in SC and travel North from Florida, Texas, and Louisiana each year.


Sugarcane aphids on grain sorghum leaf.

Sugarcane aphids can build up to damaging population levels very quickly, so growers need to scout carefully and often.  Use the threshold of 50-125 or more aphids per leaf when making spray decisions.  The two insecticides we have to control sugarcane aphids are Transform and Sivanto Prime.  You can view and download the labels below.

Transform Section 18_2017



Sugarcane aphids under microscope.

Take a look at this publication from Clemson Entomologists Francis Reay-Jones and Jeremy Greene for more info:  Clemson_Sugarcane_Aphid_2017

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