Question of the Week: 2,4-D

Last week the question was:  What happened to this pigweed?


This pigweed is suffering from a dose of 2,4-D.  This was in an Enlist cotton field.  There are lots of growers taking advantage of new Enlist and Xtend technology this year in their cotton and soybean fields.  These systems seem to be working well controlling pigweed, though off target damage is being found as well.  Please be careful when using auxin herbicides.


Here is this week’s question:  What is this insect?


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2 Responses to Question of the Week: 2,4-D

  1. PG Editor says:

    Pigweed seems to come back from injury pretty well. It reminds me of the old horror flicks where the teenager hits the monster and then turns their back and the monster gets right back up! But, if that pigweed is really dead, then that’s great!


  2. dmgha3 says:

    Big eyed click beetle. They are harmless.


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