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What Lies Beneath The Soil

This week NRCS State Agronomist Gordon Mikell dug a soil pit in Dillon as part of a cover crop field day at Carl Coleman’s farm.  Gordon’s aim was to create a visual for those in attendance to see what lies beneath … Continue reading

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Crop Residue Effect On Soil Temp

A large number of farmers in the Pee Dee use reduced till or no till practices in their fields.  This leaves more crop residue in the fields that creates a pretty decent barrier for weeds, slows the evaporation of moisture, … Continue reading

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Winter Weather in the Pee Dee

Early Tuesday morning, sleet and a little snow made its way into the Pee Dee.  Very little accululated on the ground, though it was enough for schools, businesses and government agencies across the region to close early.  It has contiued to … Continue reading

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Cover Crops Improving the Soil

This week I had the chance to look at some fields with Carl Coleman of Dillon County.  He showed me some fields where a summer cover crop was planted this past season after the corn was harvested.  The cover crop … Continue reading

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