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Effects of the Cold

With the sun out, snow gone, and the temperature warming up, it is finally looking and feeling like a normal South Carolina winter again. Friday morning (1/5), following the bomb cyclone, the temperature reached 10.2º F according to a weather … Continue reading

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Spring Harvest Update

We’ve had good harvesting weather this week and growers are busy taking advantage of it.  We’ve had a lot of peas, wheat, and oats harvested.  Yields have been variable so far.  ESO peas are averaging around 35-40 bushels with the … Continue reading

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Wheat Damage From the Freeze

Last week we saw 3 consecutive nights in the 20’s with the lowest reaching 22 in some areas.   Now that a week as passed, we can see the signs of damage on some of our jointing wheat. You wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Effects of The Cold Weather

Now that some time has passed since the recent cold snap where we saw temperatures reach the teens, it’s pretty easy to see some of the damage our crops experienced.  Nothing is too serious on our row crops, however, we had … Continue reading

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Crop Update – 4/29/16

There is a lot going on in the fields keeping everyone busy, so here is a quick update of what’s happening. Wheat:  Pretty much all of our wheat has headed out and a good bit of it is in the … Continue reading

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Frost Damage on Corn

Just about everything fared the cold snap this past weekend fairly well.  The only things showing signs of damage are some corn fields.  Some V1 and V2 corn suffered minor frost injury, but nothing too serious. Fields with a heavy … Continue reading

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Predicted Freeze Saturday Night

It looks like we might get one more freeze this spring after all.  The National Weather Service is calling for 32 Saturday night in Marion, 34 in Conway, 32 in Dillon, and 31 in Bennettsville.  Produce growers with strawberries or … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: Cold Injury

Last week the question was:  What happened to this collard plant? This field of collards was badly injured by the recent cold weather.  The temperature was in the lower 20’s for a couple nights in a row with high winds … Continue reading

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