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Tiller Counts in Wheat

We have a decent looking wheat crop right now.  With the forecast looking a little warmer over the next 10 days, now is a good time to do some tiller counts. We should be seeing at least 50 tillers per … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: Cold Soil

Last week the question was:  What’s causing the purple coloration of the leaves in rapeseed fields? Red or purple coloration is usually a sign of phosphorus deficiency, but this time of year we frequently see this in the rapeseed fields, though … Continue reading

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Peanut Update – Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper and Late Season Mn

The following update was prepared by Clemson Peanut Specialist Dan Anco. What is the treatment threshold for threecornered alfalfa hopper?  Good question. At this point we don’t really have a good answer linking insect or girdling counts to economic yield … Continue reading

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Peanut Update – More on Boron

The following update was prepared by Clemson Peanut Specialist Dan Anco. In a previous notice we mentioned the importance of Boron application to avoid Boron deficiency (and toxicity) in peanuts. There are lots of different products to choose from, and … Continue reading

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Wheat Fertility Considerations

For the most part, we’re in much better shape than we were this time last year.  Our wheat fields have pretty decent color and seem to be growing well.  The warm winter we’re having is pushing the wheat pretty fast. … Continue reading

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Winter Wheat Fertility Considerations

It’s been a tough season for wheat so far.  It started wet and has stayed wet, so for a crop that doesn’t do well in saturated soil, we’re struggling in a lot of fields.  Most fields are showing a brownish … Continue reading

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Corn is Growing Fast

Planting is just about wrapped up and corn is growing well.  Here is a field in the V3 stage. In the photo below, you can see three leaf collars.  This time of year, its possible for corn to advance 2 … Continue reading

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