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Peanut Update – Start of Bloom

The following update was prepared by Clemson Peanut Specialist Dan Anco. Some of the peanuts planted in April are starting to show their first blooms. In addition to signaling the start of the development of eventual peanut seed, bloom is … Continue reading

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Lots of Thrips Damage in Cotton

In the last couple issues of Clemson Entomologist Jeremy Greene’s Cotton/Soybean Insect Newsletter, Dr. Greene mentions the Thrips Infestation Predictor (TIP) tool.  This tool predicts the thrips pressure of cotton based on planting date.  The chart below is from the TIP website … Continue reading

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Peanuts Growing Fast

Peanuts are growing well right now.  The rain we got earlier this week was a welcome sight.  We were getting dry in places.  Here are some peanuts that came up less than two weeks ago. Thrips are present and some … Continue reading

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Cotton, Peanuts, Soybeans Up and Growing

Growers did a lot of planting last week and they’re still going full steam ahead this week.  Here are some pictures of what has come up over the several days. Peanuts:  Already seeing some thrips pressure.  Hopefully everyone used either Thimet … Continue reading

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Early Pegging Management Tips From Jay Chapin

Here is another round of timely management tips from Clemson peanut specialist Jay Chapin. Our earliest planted peanuts are over 45 days old and beginning to peg.  The crop is generally under some stress from declining soil moisture, 100+ temperatures … Continue reading

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Early Bloom Peanut Considerations From Jay Chapin

Some peanuts are just starting to bloom, so here are some timely remarks from Clemson Peanut Specialist Jay Chapin. Bravo Situation What I hear from our distributors is that they estimate getting anywhere from 60% to 100% of their chlorothalonil … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: Thrips

Last week the question was:  What is this little critter? This is an immature thrips.  Though they are quite small and difficult to see, thrips can cause significant feeding damage in crops like peanuts and cotton.  They can also spread viruses like Tomato Spotted … Continue reading

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Early Season Peanut Tips From Jay Chapin

Weeds Killing small weeds is the top priority right now and of course pigweed is at the top of the weed list.  If we can catch pigweed 3” and Texas panicum in the small 2-blade stage we can really do … Continue reading

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Thrips in Cotton

Cotton is up now and it is time to start scouting for thrips.  There are already some present in fields causing damage to 1 and 2 leaf cotton.  We need to keep a close eye on thrips until cotton reaches … Continue reading

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